Different Types of Windows to Consider When Replacing Existing Ones

When the time comes for window replacement in the home, individuals find they can choose from a variety of windows options, and a replacement window buying guide becomes of great help at this time. This guide answers questions such as, what are vinyl windows and what are the different types of windows? Following are some common types to consider during the windows replacement process.


Bay windows consist of one fixed window in the center and casement windows on either side. This window projects from an exterior wall, and this style is very popular in Victorian-style houses. A structural engineer will be needed to install a new bay window where one didn’t previously exist, as the window is extremely heavy and additional support may be required.



Casement windows open and close like doors, swinging in or out instead of moving up and down. Users operate them with a crank and homeowners often install this type of window in those places that are awkward or hard-to-reach because this style is easy to open. These windows allow for excellent ventilation and seal tightly when they are closed.

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Double-Hung Windows

Most homes now contain double-hung windows that move up and down on two sashes. These windows are also great for areas that need ventilation, and they can be used in any style of home with ease. Many homeowners retrofitting their existing windows choose this option and the same is true of property owners who are upgrading an older home.



Picture windows are large, fixed windows that may be accompanied by double-hung or casement windows on either side. These windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the home, and residents have an unobstructed view of the outdoors, although they will pay more for this luxury. However, these windows cannot be opened, so don’t use them in areas that need ventilation.


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